Real estate investing has traditionally served as a strong potential source of wealth creation in the United States.

We believe that real estate still serves as an important asset class in properly managing wealth and diversification of an investor’s portfolio. Progressive Real Estate Investments seeks to leverage its extensive expertise in buying and selling real estate to generate outstanding results for its investors.

Progressive Real Estate Investments believes that successful real estate investing is the result of establishing a strategic advantage in creating value through active investment management and capital structuring. Our investment team has experience and expertise in real estate, finance and sales.

Why invest with Progressive Real Estate Investments?

Client Focus: Interests that are aligned with those of our investors

Market Insight: Our lifetime of knowledge in the Las Vegas and California real estate markets provides ahead-of-the-curve insight.

Market Access: Demonstrated ability to identify and secure desirable assets through the combined resources of our highly specialized team and our relationships in the real estate industry.

Market Execution: Specialized capabilities in complex transactions and asset management

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